Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field THERAPY

Detox, repair, and recharge the cells.

There are several reasons for a human cell to become damaged, and quite often it’s because the cell has become polluted with toxins and stops working. Some damaged cells take longer to recharge, or won’t recharge at all. Some eventually die and become cancerous. A healthy cell recharges quickly, and maintains it’s voltage potential for a long period of time.

A Quantum Leap To Ultimate Health

Seqex treatments use subtle “energy medicine” to accommodate health and wellness.

At first it’s the subtle, gentle quantum changes to your personal quantum field that are noticed, such as better sleep, more energy, clarity of thought, and a general feeling of well-being. Gradually, after several sessions, the body begins to detox and eliminate harmful waste materials in urine and bowel movements.

Once the body burdens are removed, the cells can then be nourished with oxygen, minerals, and vitamins. Stem cells begin to regenerate and repair damaged organs. The immune system is activated to fight viruses and harmful bacteria that are often the cause of inflammation. Blood circulation is increased throughout the entire body, which also improves skin complexion for a more youthful appearance.

This program helps to reduce any type of pain in the body. You may see results after 3-4 sessions already. We combine an anti-pain program with anti-inflammation, that reduces not only pain but also inflammation in joints.

We offer a rehabilitation program for post-COVID patients. This program helps to return to balance mentally and physically, increases the level of energy, and supports the immune system. It also helps with the prevention of cold and flu.


  1. Alpha: frequencies of meditative state. Good in case of anxiety, and depression.
  2. Theta: frequencies of the REM and the hypnosis. Useful for relaxation and more restful sleep.
  3. SLE: Sleep program is recommended for improving sleep quality. The program appears to have the peculiarity of inducing sleep, increasing the depth of sleep, increase relaxation.
  4. FIB: Fibonacci can be used for a rebalancing of brain rhythms (alpha, beta, theta, gamma, delta), and decreasing cortisol levels (normalizing the work of adrenal glands). Good for reaching inner balance, good before the important performance for athletes, etc.

10 sessions
3 sessions per week
Duration of every session – 50 min

  1. MIC: Improving of microcirculation, helps to increase the metabolism level in the body.
  2. LYM: Lymphatic program improves lymph circulation, helps to rid of extra water from the body, increases the level of energy.
  3. FIB: Fibanocci program decreases the cortisol level, with helps in the case of trunk overweight.

12-14 sessions
3 sessions per week
Duration – 40 min

  1. PAT: Anti pain program works for any pain (acute or chronic) – arthritis, rheumatoid, back and neck pain, discopathy, etc.
  2. REG: Extra regeneration program helps after trauma, sport injures, fibromialgia, ostheoarthritis.
  3. ANI: Anti inflammation program works for any acute or chronic injury, intestinal inflammation, rheumatoid or other inflammation.

15 sessions
3 sessions per week
Duration – 60 min

  1. TON: Tonic program – stimulant, invigorating, gives a feeling of well been, good for recovery after any disease.
  2. IND: Recovery from COVID, support immune system, gives energy. The length is 54 min (others are 36 min).
  3. ENE: Energy program is recommended for promoting energy – highest effect.

15 sessions
3 sessions per week
Duration – 45 min