Boost Your Natural Detoxification Process

Metabolic detoxification is your body’s natural process of removing toxins from your cells, ultimately eliminating them from you body. This complex process has three phases that convert fat soluble toxins to water-soluble molecules, and then eliminate them.

Why A Metabolic Detox?

The human body has exposure to both endogenous (from our own body) toxins and external toxins on a daily basis. The environment contains close to 80,000 novel chemicals that are registered with the Canadian Department of the Environment, so we encounter many potentially harmful exposures every day. Improperly removing these toxins can put stress on multiple body systems.

A metabolic detox plan helps the body address and remove toxins. In some cases, the body does not efficiently eliminate toxins, and they can accumulate in organs and tissues, disrupting normal cellular function and increasing the risk for disease. Utilizing metabolic detoxification programs to support the body’s detoxification systems and reduce toxic body burden is critical to overall health and longevity.

The 3 phases of Metabolic Detox

Stored toxins transform to an “unlocked” state that is more water-soluble and toxic than its original form.

The highly toxic substances produced in Phase I convert to non-toxic molecules and become even more water-soluble.

Water-soluble toxins leave the cells for excretion from the body.

Toxins: Where Are They Coming From?

External toxins includes air and water pollutants, cigarette smoke, certain personal care products, heavy metals, certain household cleaning products, pesticides, preservatives and additives. Consideration must also be given to the types of foods that we are consuming, as many may contribute to toxin exposure. It is likely that the Standard American Diet (SAD) may be contributing to your toxin load. SAD has been defined by highly-processed foods, high in omega 6 fats, high in sugar and high in salt. Food in the SAD diet may also be high in artificial flavors, colors and pesticides, all contributing to toxin load.

When starting a metabolic detox program, you should work on limiting your exposure to food toxins. Focus on nourishing your body with clean, well-balanced, and nutrient-rich food. Eat whole, unprocessed foods and when possible, consume organic options. This metabolic detox program utilizes whole foods to support your body’s own natural detoxification process.

Additional important steps you can take include:

Remove toxins from your environment: Eliminate toxic or chemical substances, such as paints, insecticides and dyes, from home and work. Wear protective gloves and gear when handling harmful materials.

Remove toxins from your diet: Continue to make healthy, whole food and drink choices. Avoid foods high in refined sugar or preservatives. When possible, opt for organics.

Stay hydrated! Water keeps cells hydrated, helps maintain a healthy balance of body fluids, and, most importantly, supports the elimination phase of your detoxification.

Keep Moving! Exercise not only facilitates the removal of toxins, but it also helps you maintain a healthy weight. Incorporate 30 to 45 minutes, targeting 10,000 steps or more, per day.

Find ways to relax to reduce stress and inflammation! For example:

  • 10 minutes of deep breathing
  • Self-guided meditation
  • Yoga classes
  • Face-to-face social interaction
  • A quick walk with a friend or animal companion