Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

At 101 Medical Spa, we offer programs that integrate multiple diagnostics and treatments that are inter-woven for a seamless holistic approach to promote better health and lifestyle.

Detox. Energize. Live.

Unlock your full potential of mental and physical performance. Achieve a high-performing, strong, healthy, and well-balanced life.


Maintain Your Health And Improve Your Performance

We do not treat disease. Instead, we promote wellness with preventative and health-promoting actions. We act in a proactive way and not just from the repair point of view. We have a holistic vision of the body and thus we adopt a multidisciplinary approach to our method of work.

Medical Weight Loss Program

A medically-supervised weight loss program that closely monitors and assesses progress toward better health and emotional well-being. The program includes a combination of meal replacement plans, body composition diagnostics, and physical therapies. We also offer a combination of a meal replacement program and an individual detox/weight loss diet under medical supervision.

Anti-aging Program

Our anti-age protocol has a unique combination of treatments, which help you feel younger and look amazing! Our goal is to decrease your biological age. It includes detox sessions, osteopathy and naturopathy sessions, sex life-enhancement sessions, LPG massage for face and body, 101 detox tea, Led light and Seqex therapy.

Advanced Detox Program

Our advantaged detox protocol can represent a fresh start in life — and the foundation for a successful recovery. We utilize the latest evidence-based resources to make the detoxification process as safe, comfortable and effective as possible. The goal is to induce a self-healing process in your body, to excrete metabolic waste and toxins, to repair defective tissues and to restore hormonal balance. This protocol includes detox coach consults, individual detox program, LPG massage; Ayurveda, naturopathy, and osteopathy sessions; Seqex treatments, 101 detox tea, and acupuncture.

Anti-stress Program

Anti stress program helps our body to decrease the influence of stress on our health (physical and mental). We offer special antioxidant diet, supplements, Mind machine and Neurobiofeedback; Stress resistance consultations and psychotherapy, Led light and Seqex therapy.

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Interested in individual Services?

Looking for a customized program or a specific service? You can explore our individual diagnostics and treatments or contact us to help you with a customized program.